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Elevate your world with Shine Bright Shimmering Creations. We craft brilliance, igniting your surroundings with dazzling designs.


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Shimmering Creations

Welcome crafting enthusiasts! I have created a series of project log and composition notebooks featuring my framed diamond paintings. There are also hard back and paperback diamond painting journals, logs and sticker books for sale on Amazon. Digital versions are at my Etsy shop here!

Shine Bright Creations

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The first series of my books under The Woman in Gold collection are each now available for purchase on Amazon. Anyone can use a simple college lined Composition Notebook! Just click this cover art photo for more purchase information!

The Van Gogh Series, Vol. II

The second series of my books under the Van Gogh collection is now available for purchase on Amazon, with some digital versions available on Etsy. Just click the cover art photo for more purchase information


Added to the series to complete the collection based on this cover art is a Project Log book. It is available now in hardcover or paperback. It contains generic lined pre sized spaces and borders suitable for text, labels or photos.

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